Friday, January 20, 2017

Leave Me Be

Tis the night of Christmas and all through the woods--

a tiny creatures lurks to do no good.

Shadows and fear hung in the air,

in the hopes that Death soon would be there.

Over the hill, hanging near the tree,

the sounds of screams soon found me.

I took off like a shot, running for my life,

but that creature grew nearer in my mind.

Out of spite.

The devilish moon hung low in the sky,

dancing about coaxing me to die.

Once upon the hill I drew my blade near;

Focusing my eyes I stood upon a grave so dear.

Staring at the moon amidst the screams I shouted above and below,

"Why me?"

The shadows crept in and danced upon my grave.

For I now realized this creature was me.

The screaming subsided, I began to shake.

Alone in the woods again, my entire body ached.

For why did this happen?

Calling upon the creatures in me...

I mumbled aloud, "Why me?"

Shrieking their names I implore them,

"Leave Me Be!"

That moon hanging so low took pity and released me.

The hat upon his head, bouncing and bathed in his ill begotten light,

showed a masquerade of confusing fright.

He grinned a boney grin and cackled a haunting cackle.

He knew me well and found me foul.

Racing my mind; Beaten. Torn and tattered.

I beat them to the weathered bark swaying at my feet.

Gripping my blade with a hold so firm,

I etched upon the tree...

A note...

To me...

"To My Shadows, Leave me be!'

Leave Me Be: Snapshot of the 24X36in Charcoal sketch inspired by the poem

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