Tuesday, January 3, 2017

A New Beginning

Well here we are. We've done it. This post will be published on our personal blog. A domain name I myself own. It is mine, it is ours and it is for all of those people living with and fighting their own minds. It can be a struggle, a lonely one at times, but here we are.
My goal is to become more involved in the uphill battle of ending the stigma surrounding those who live with mental health problems. It seems to, unfortunately, haunt, taunt, and at times consume many of us, the us I refer to are those living with any variety of mental illnesses.

It's exciting in a way, nauseating and anxiety ridden in others.

I've been told to create this space for over a year now; finally having done that I'm uncertain as to the feelings we are currently experiencing. For me it is intrigue. I find it a curious thing. Will people be interested in reading my (our, at times) words? Will they care? Who would? Why would they? This swirling mess continues to addle my mind and I can only guess based on my life that it will continue. It's not something I can stop nor is it something I really think about, it just seems to happen.

Oh the We? Yes, I live with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) a dissociative disorder classified under the DSM. The DSM, for those who are unaware, is the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. A little about that later...

Right now I want to focus on the hope behind this new beginning, or chapter if you will.

It's true, I am not ashamed of my shortcomings, the way my mind works, all the people we've met and continue meeting every day on our Twitter page. We are no longer ashamed and so no longer have a deep desire brought on by fear of ridicule (though we will be awaiting that fall out) or the shame and blame game that we predict is going to come forward the more we speak.
I will be using my voice, as will some of my parts, to speak up for those who cannot. We want this space to be one of unity, progress, and safety for those wanting to join me.

 We found our strength through their encouragement, demeanors and their own words. Finding so many who share my own experiences has been one thing I had not imagined possible. Yet here we are, we all stand together, there are millions of us who speak out against this stigma. Millions. This is something we were astonished by.

With so many of us across the globe working together, how can it be that mental illnesses are still so frightening to people? From what I've seen the answer is unfortunate but a simple one. It boils down to fear and misunderstanding. A lack of information, a lack of empathy or care in a fellow human being. People want to blame and shame, it seems, instead of asking one simple question...Why?

It's something I myself was never (to my knowledge) asked. Not once. Why? It's easy really when you break it down in this fashion. Why do you think that way? Why are you feeling that way? Instead I've heard countless statements about myself. You're so crazy. OMG! Dude, that's so cold and cruel. Etc...

I can assure you I never intend to come across as cruel, far from it. I also can tell you I am not crazy. I'm not a psycho or a monster, seriously, pick a damn thing guided by misinformation and fear. I am not that negativity, nor are those of us struggling our internal battles with or against our own minds.

This being my first post I want to finish up with this challenge I've been toying with in my mind. I've challenged myself with this in order to begin putting into practice what I discuss. When encountering the many people you do on any given day, if you see something begin simply asking that question so many avoid out of fear, misguided or otherwise. Ask yourself, why?


  1. Finally, Erika and co have a website. It's a space I'll be visiting regularly. Erika is amazing.
    It's great to read your enthusiasm to #EndTheStigma. Join me as we are just qualifying as millenials I think?
    I'm going to adopt the challenge you guys have set yourself. I want to #FeelTheFearDoIrAnyway PS -You're not cruel! You have #DID, but handle life quite magnificently


    1. Oh dear friend, thank you as always for your kind encouraging words. You've been there for myself and my parts over this last year.
      You help more than you know!
      Thank you. <3💪🏻<3

  2. I love this. Looking forward to future posts! !

    1. Thanks so much Katie!
      We're looking forward to writing them and continue to with you on #MHArtTherapy this year.
      Be well friend

  3. First, I want to congratulate you, all your parts, in the courage to start a blog. I know from my own experience that it can be a scary notion to share one's story in a public place such as a blog and can tell you that it took me months of self doubts and excuses not to do it...

    Then, came the point I did, and haven't looked back. I progressed from silence to activism, and I, for one, care about what your blog shall tell me about you - learning to better know and, more importantly, understand you.

    My battles with mental health are undoubtedly different. I don't know enough about DID and through reading - you and others - have come to learn more.
    My own battles are social and another 20 or so phobias, as well as cPTSD and growing up in a violent home.
    My experiences brought me to care about others, in spite of my people phobias ; I've come to care about you over the past few months, though I don't nearly know everything but I will read - and if you are ok with, comment your posts, my words of encouragements, understanding or questions.

    Indeed, just like you, I feel people aren't always keen on asking questions, and sometimes they actually shrug and walk away from my answer.

    Together, let's work towards ending the stigmas, and the walls of misunderstanding. Thank you for being You.

    1. Thanks for your kind words and support friend!
      Be well