Monday, January 16, 2017

Aloha Lola Cards, Fun & Uplifting Illustrations!

It's no secret that we are believers in Art Therapy. From working with the always fabulous Katie Wilkie & Sovi Dreams, the creators of #MHArtTherapy and meeting the Bipolar Photographer or Balloons and the Brain along the way our adoration for the arts has somehow grown even more. When I was young we drank the Kool-Aid. I was a very small child when I first fell in love with photography and creating things. It didn't matter what it was I wanted to draw it, color it, and build or take it apart. Art helps. It is living and breathing. Art can heal.

"The Purpose of Art is Washing the Dust of Daily Life off Our Souls." -Pablo Picasso

Through our various encounters on Twitter we've met some wonderful people, but during last weeks #TalkMH hosted by the lovely, Jade, we had the pleasure of speaking with Claire. She is the owner and creator of Aloha Lola Cards! She specializes in creating digital designs, caricatures and hand made cards.

"I love being artistic, it is such a soothing and therapeutic way to spend time." 

Recently she has taken it upon herself, in her spare time, to create vibrant designs to inspire those who are struggling. A cause we absolutely can get behind! Artists of all kinds love to create. We all have our own processes and styles, but we want our work to be viewed and appreciated.

Claire herself lives with mental health struggles. She makes no secret of her battles with depression and anxiety. She's spoken of relying on quotes, words of wisdom or lyrics when she's dealing with a particularly difficult day.

This love for inspiring words she's turned into a passion for creating bright and lovely illustrations to inspire others. More importantly she works in the hopes these beautiful illustrations will uplift people and give them hope when they feel all is lost.

"I wanted art which was touching, bright & vibrant & laced with courage and spirit."

We are so excited to continue seeing more of your work and definitely believe that you've achieved your goal of creating beautiful uplifting work! If you'd like to see more of Aloha Lola Cards you can check out their Twitter and Instagram: @AlohaLolaCards. Enjoy and happy creating everyone!

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