Thursday, January 19, 2017

I Am, By: the Introspective Mind

As we said, stay tuned for more guest content. We're very pleased to have Introspective Mind share some of her poetry with us and our readers! Don't forget to Follow the blog so you don't miss some exciting new adventures this year! Be Well

I Am
I’m feeling uncomfortable,
Trying to fit in,
I’m looking for comfort in-
All the wrong places.
I’m not sure where I-
Am to go from here.

I’m feeling euphoric;
I’m- Filled to the brim.
I’m accepting of others,
I know how it feels.
I have some much love- 
I just want to give…

I’m feeling my heart start to-
Race with my thoughts.
I’m craving a silence, no-
Voice in my head.
I’m screaming, to know-
If I can be heard.

I’m sounding so hoarse guess I’m-
Losing my voice.
I’m tired of running-
From who I’ve become.
I need, to begin-
Making myself whole.

I’m looking for answers-
Accepted my faults.
I’m learning that I’m not-
I’m just, a bit damaged-
Learning to mend.
I’m speaking about all my-
Past memories;
I’m changing my thoughts
Controlling emotions,
I’ve discovered my strength-
I can be myself.

I want you to know that it’s-
Never too late…
We’re misunderstood for
Our differences…
I’ll spread awareness just to-
Help you heal…

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