Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The #SAYITANYWAY Campaign from Adam Grabowski

People living with mental illnesses of any sort need to know they are not alone and they can safely reach out to others. You are not alone in your daily struggles, literally millions of people across the globe can relate to what you're going through. I felt alone, even though I very much wasn't--DID remember-- most of my life. I never knew others had minds that worked in a similar way to my own. I assumed, in some instances, that people must think the way I did, I saw the opposite but I do remember thinking, "Well here it is again. This is my life." I no longer accept that. After, finally, finding out what my diagnoses were I researched the hell out of it. I have this deep seeded need to understand, learn and comprehend things. Now, I am taking these masks off layer by layer, working within the Mental Health Community and saying it anyway. Despite the fear of ridicule or resentment and rejection...

"There's many sides to everyone..."

We came across the #SAYITANYWAY campaign via Twitter. Through our browsing of the hashtag and reading the tweets we realized that the creator of this fabulous campaign was, Adam Grabowski. A stand up comedian you may recognize from his time on America's Got Talent. After the show is when he came out about his struggles with Depression & Anxiety. He has some fantastic things to say, if we can only listen.

"The problem is dialogue."

APCA Comic of the Year

His idea formulating in his mind, he began using his platform and love of comedy to spread this information and the #SAYITANYWAY campaign was born.

He has lived with these struggles for 10yrs now. He's experienced the shame and blame that we all have. In short, what he decided was enough is enough. "The point of the #SAYITANYWAY campaign is to get people to be open and honest about themselves and their experiences and their humanity," says Adam. Very well stated and relatable to anyone who has felt the isolation that comes with struggle. Whether it be mental illness, day to day stresses or just a rough day. We can all relate to the desire to share our lives with others in some ways, but the fear can all too often hold us down. #SAYITANYWAY be open and honest with yourself and do, say it anyway.

Adam Grabowski - You're Not Alone

"Please be strong for other people because that's where you'll find your strength."

Despite his busy schedule, he took some time to discuss his campaign with us, something we're very appreciative to him for. You're Not Alone,  the script found under the wrist bands you can purchase on his site is such an important piece of his message. Something so many of us forget or simply ignore. When dealing with depression and anxiety things can become so consuming you get to the point you may feel as though you're drowning.

The next time you're struggling try a few of these suggestions...

One last thing I'm certain our readers would love to know is, "Have you found anything particularly beneficial when you're feeling that anxiety creeping in?"

Adam- "I do a lot of exercising, communicating, and yoga. These things all help. So does sunshine and doing things with friends."

Adam told us he wants people to understand that, "Mental health is just as important as physical health and I want people to learn to speak up honestly and share their experiences."

Thanks for speaking with us Adam. Be well friends and fellow advocates don't forget to #SAYITANYWAY !

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