Tuesday, February 28, 2017

What I Wish You Knew About Dissociative Identity Disorder

That wicked little M. Knight Shyamalan film, Split, was released and we're still getting people contacting us to comment on it. I have not watched. I do not know if I will watch it, but if we do I guarantee we won't be sitting in a crowded theatre surrounded by the screams of the ill-informed. No thank you.

Having had many discussions with those who live with DID over the last few months, I wanted to know their thoughts because I had assumed they would be similar to my own as well as those of my parts. I was not mistaken in my assumptions, but rather found it a bit upsetting to know there were so many people and their parts echoing my exact thoughts.

This is for them, their parts, and you.

What we wish you knew about Dissociative Identity Disorder would take far too long to explain and list in just one post on one blog. We will be taking a few of the top concerns that were expressed by the majority. We have been working very hard, despite what you may think, to combat the stigma surrounding mental illness, this is especially true of Dissociative Disorders.

  1. The Switching: You may think it's all demonic possession, eye rolling, and wildly dramatic. I assure you it is not. In most instances people's parts have worked long and hard keeping the individual safe. That does include making themselves NOT look freakier. Eye rolling and dramatics are very counter productive and just not how it works. It can be very quick and something that is private and completely seamless and unseen.
  2. Protectors: There are so many misconceptions about protectors. It is unlikely you would ever encounter a violent protector. They are Protective and not necessarily "violent." Some of my protectors are: funny and charismatic, protecting by being social and enjoyable to be around. Another is a warning system, she's loud and aggressive BUT completely non-violent and passive in that sense. Another protector has severe anxiety and a stutter, yet she is still every bit protective just in very different ways. Other's are care takers, artists, insomniacs, and very young. There are many different types of protectors as you can see and this is true for all people with Dissociative Identity Disorder.
  3. The System: All people with DID have an internal system--they may or may not be aware of this-- that has varying degrees of complexity. Some systems are small consisting of only a few parts, protectors of varying ages and types, some are moderate and others are much larger and difficult to navigate. Whatever the system type Dissociation can be an anxiety ridden experience. Littles are parts that are trapped in the traumatic moments that caused the DID to occur. They are wildly different from system to system and part to part within one system. Others help internally, soothing chaotic moments so those parts don't front--take over completely-- and for example there are those who's purpose is to protect externally as well. Those parts will be more vocal and have many varying purposes. In some instances certain parts exist to help control the bodies movements and functions in the day to day life as well as, the extremes of traumatic moments.

I wanted to post only a couple of the more commonly asked questions above, but now I'd like to open it up a bit more to your questions... What is it about DID that makes you wonder? Is there anything that the above items that's brought further questions to your mind? What is that little nagging curiosity in the back of your mind?

Please let us know and stay tuned for Jynx's full length chat on our Patreon page!

Over the Coming Months:
  • March 20th- 3pm we'll be on the Surviving My Past Podcast!
  • Early March Jynx will have her full length chat up on our Patreon page!
  • March 30th- 4pm We've been asked to host #TalkMH on Dissociation & DID.
  • Mid-April we will be hosting another of our "Living w/DID Talks" at a college in Chicago.


  1. Well done friends!! Much needed blog. Glad to share this. And yes that is just one little bit of it. Hard to put in blog. Good going as we take these issues on.👍✌

    1. Thanks very much! <3 yas!
      <3 We'll be working on extensions of this I'm sure.

  2. Well done friends!! Much needed blog. Glad to share this. And yes that is just one little bit of it. Hard to put in blog. Good going as we take these issues on.👍✌

  3. Very well written. Thank you.

    I saw the film for what it was... a film. I was able to separate myself from the film, and actual true facts. I don't know if that makes any sense of not. While watching it in the theatre the only thing that really bothered me was the switching. In a small way I kind of wished it happened like it did in the film. That way it would be more obvious that a switch occurred, and others knew. I hope that makes a little sense.

    Thanks for all you do. All the best.


    1. Hey Angela,

      Yes that does make sense to me. :)
      As for the aspects of the film, I understand what you're saying but for the purposes of DID that is far and wide unlikely to occur.

      If people were able to see exactly what was occurring I agree it could make things easier but if/when people notice a switch this then brings harm to the individual or their part(s) more often than not. Which is due to fears and misunderstandings.

      That being said I'm glad you were able to see it for what it was... a movie that was intended to be based in a super human universe and apart of the Unbreakable series. :)
      Be well
      The We In Me

  4. So glad to read this post! More awarness is needed around DID especially when the media tends to have their own unique ideas!

    1. So true, Candice. Thank you for reading and sharing with us.