Saturday, March 25, 2017

25 Facts about Me & The We in Me

Since we started the blog we've had many questions and we'd like to share a bit more insight into my/our life with you; both before my diagnosis and after. So we decided to create this post. Some of these facts will be about me and others will be about some of my parts. A fact about one of my parts will be noted, so you know.

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Here we go then...

1. I think in words. This is something we've mentioned before, but the way my thought processes work is in words and connecting phrases or definitions. Why specifically? I do not know but it does.

2. I myself have never modeled, ever. That was all Jynx.

3. My parts have dated people and been in relationships. Both with men and woman. These relationships were not very long, though on occasion some were but there would have been varying reasons for this. I do not remember these people. It is tricky to explain this.

4. I'm 5ft 10in (why some of you wanted to know that I'm not sure lol)

5. Jynx has gotten us hired so many places I don't think she knows the exact number, but it's well over 250. No, that is not a typo.

6. We've traveled to nearly every continental state.

7. Bob is 15 years old and has also worked as a photographer.

8. I have been married for just over 3yrs.

9. I (we) went to Joplin, Missouri with a friend, to photograph the aftermath of the tornado that decimated the town in 2011.

10. The coolest person I remember (us) meeting was Ryan Hurst. He was just so sweet and kind.  (SOA & Remember the Titans etc)

11. Jynx has met far more people than I have. So many of varying types and interests. I randomly ran into one of them last year at a retirement party and that added a bit of curiosity to some of the other people around me. Which obviously I couldn't explain, so Jynx handled it.

12. I am a Type 1 Diabetic.

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13. We were invited to speak at a juvenile Diabetes camp years ago, before my DID Dx & It went well.

14. We LOVE Horror films.

15. Slash is one of the sexiest musicians ever. This is not a debate.

16. Toon had rescued an otter years ago & Jynx helped her save & relocate the animal.

17. My favorite bands are Linkin Park, Shinedown, and Rise Against. Their lyrics resonate with me and some of my parts. I do listen to and like most music of all genres.

18. Melody (young protector, unknown age) speaks in lyrics. You may have seen some of her tweets. 😏

19. Random drives with blaring music and poor singing are one of our favorite things! We refer to them as "Car Parties" with our closest friend.

20. Due to my physical health problems/limitations, I am unable & restricted from working. So I've been focusing more on writing and creating, as much as I can.
As well as our "Living with DID Talks."

21. We rescue and foster ferrets with my husband.

22. We listen to podcasts every week. Voices for Change2.0 is my personal favorite.

23. My parts have painted large scale murals. Nursery's are their favorite works to create. As throughout my entire system, there is a love and protective nature for children.

24. Before my Diagnoses I also had gone to doctors trying to figure out why I had such massive gaps in my memory and continued to experience "black outs." I was prepared for a doctor to one day tell me that I had an inoperable brain tumor. Which obviously, that didn't happen.

25. We have gone to college and taken many varied classes over the years.
                    - Bob & Stevy: Child Lit writing courses, forensics, and photography
                    - Toon: Many varied art classes and workshops. (Yes, at a college level)
                    - TLO: Religion and origins of many various subject matter. She finds etymology (the study of words) fascinating.
                    -Jake: Religion and how people interact and interpret various doctrine.
                    - Jynx: Studied in depth human behavior, micro expressions and human detection. (She finds people and their behaviors fascinating)
                    - Me, Erika: I don't remember much about any college I've ever been to. I have vague memories of studying massage with a friend. I know I was not alone in that course, Motion found it interesting.

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  1. This is all so interesting. I know very little about DID, so I had no idea how... full? it was. I didn't know all these other parts had their own lives. I mean, relationships, education, work. It's amazing. This was a fascinating read.

    Breanna Catharina

    1. Thank you, Breanna. Glad it was enjoyed and informational for you!
      Be well,

  2. It's great to hear that therapy is helping you and you rescue ferrets thats so cute. I used to have rats, and always wanted a ferret xx

    Sophia xx

    1. Aww nice! Ferrets are awesome and thanks for reading.
      Be well,

  3. We have such a similar taste in music! This was a really, really interesting read x