Friday, March 31, 2017

30 Day Mental Health Challenge...Do You Accept?

We've been considering a 30 day challenge. *Peeks Out the Door*
"Oh, hello anxiety, you bitch." With Dissociative Identity Disorder setting any sort of schedule and sticking to it is so difficult at times it would blow your mind.

That being said, I'll be turning 30 on April 5th so we figured it was a sign or some shit to participate/create our own 30 day challenge. The only correlation is numeric but eh, good enough for me. Now, what the challenge should be was something we highly debated.

There were suggestions of a photo or painting challenge. We had discussed lyrical options and even crochet challenges. Silhouettes and shadows, writing and commenting or kindness challenges...There really was no limit; we tend to not limit ourselves and thus the challenge was born.

~30 Days of Creating~
  1. Create a fun & silly April Fool's Day prank
  2. Silly Ferret meme's to spread laughter & joy (April 2nd is National Ferret Day in the States)
  3. Create a delicious Chocolate dish & share recipe.
  4. Write a letter to the librarian that changed our life. (We recently found out that our old library was closed.)
  5. Write a post on 30 things I want in my 30's. (HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME)
  6. Create a new Crochet Pattern to share with all of you.
  7. Paint a new silhouette, I'm thinking Elephants.
  8. Update the weasel's portraits
  9. Create Something New from Something Old
  10. Create a new blog post on a funny moment in life.
  11. Create a new home for a rescue pup. (WE'RE ADOPTING SOON)
  12. Put together the perfect Grilled Cheese sandwich recipe.
  13. Create a new word and petition it's relevance.
  14. Come up with a new game for game nights!
  15. DIY- flower pots for our future house!
  16. Write a poem about whatever happens today.
  17. Paint a depiction of today's events.
  18. Create a game night w/ friends to try the new game!
  19. Crochet a new pattern.
  20. Find others to Collaborate with on future projects.
  21. Create a new Opportunity
  22. Create a New Challenge for yourself
  23. Write a poem
  24. Write a love letter
  25. Create something to be proud of
  26. Come up with a reason to be positive today
  27. Create an extraordinary moment today.
  28. Talk to a stranger about something strange
  29. Create an audio file read of one of your favorite poem.
  30. Write a list of things you can do to challenge yourself the rest of the year.


  1. This sounds like a really interesting challenge, you have so many different aspects to delve in to! Elephant silhouettes sound fab (I used to love sketching elephants as a teen, they're amazing animals!) as does crocheting, that's a skill I wish I had!

    Abbey 🌸

  2. This sounds really interesting and makes you really creative as a result! It's a challenge but not a really tough unpleasant one <3 xx