Wednesday, April 26, 2017

HashTags, Chit Chat, Community...Oh My!

At this point my guess is you've at least seen some of the many Twitter chats available to you. If not... Where have you been? You're missing out on some invaluable information, special guests and some amusing conversations.

They exist in large numbers and have many varied topics. Each will have a theme they generally revolve around, but from week to week the focus and perhaps even the host will differ. We have enjoyed countless over the last year or so; dozens of people at this point have asked us and others where to find the best chats so we wanted to compile this list for you.

I wanted to list them by day as I found, structurally, this fit best in my mind. We follow so many different types of people on Twitter --shocking, I know--  so decided breaking things down by day was the way to go. Oh and don't fret joining a chat is beyond easy, we'll explain that shortly...

  • #BPDChat - Borderline Personality Disorder & general MH dialogues. @CarlDunnJr
  • #PosiMH - Lovely little chat we've only recently discovered, Positive MH discussions.
  • #ChattyBees - This is a fun one for bloggers! We recently hosted <3
  • #MentalHealthHour - Conversations surrounding many various MH situations.
  • #GossipBloggers - Not one we've participated in, but newer & have heard good things!


  • #MHChatHour - We hosted this one too & @Mblog101 is a lovely lady doing excellent things for Mental Health Community.
  • #TheGirlGang - Creator @DorkFaceBlog we adore her & her chat. A fun one for Bloggers to connect, share and gain info & have general discussions. Also, can we talk about her bad ass hair for a moment please?!?!?!?
  • #PJChat - A cozy little evening discussion. Chit Chat in PJ's with a cup'a!
  • #SexAbuseChat - This chat is filled to the brim with supportive individuals and great open discussions regarding Sex Abuse & life surrounding recovery.
  • #LetsChatMH - Mental Health chat created by Gem & Liam. We've really enjoyed this one. 
  • #BlogHour - UK blogging hour. Blogging discussions.


  • #TeacupClub - Such a fun inclusive chat for bloggers! They do tips & comment swaps find all the needed info in the link.<3
  • #MHChat - Another I've come to enjoy. Excellent MH Convos happening here.
  • #RoundReads - Books! Books! & more Books! This chat is on a break until the end of May, but stay tuned because it's a fun one.

  • #TalkMH - One of my personal favorites! Created by the lovely Hannah. We had the opportunity to host this one. All things MH discussed and week to week new hosts sharing their knowledge and experiences!
  • #BloggersTribe - Yep another bloggers chat/comment swap, but such a fun one! NOTE: This comment swap/link share occurs on Sundays too!
  • #InsomniChat - This is a 'baby chat' only a month+ old. Created by myself & Benny
  • #SpoonieSpeak - UK based ( I believe) and began as an outreach for people with chronic illnesses who can't always get out to socialize.
  • #JRTVChat - John Sennett created this one & so far we've been enjoying the array of discussions.


Oh lonely little Saturday...haha! This is a day we haven't participated in chats, thus far. We keep this day open more or less, as a free day. A decompression & whatever the hell I want day, if you will. It's always nice to take a break from Social Media, so don't ever forget yours!

I'll explain below how to participate!

Now, onto how these chats actually work -- many of you have also asked this and so here we go...
  1. Find the chat you'd like to participate in & it's info. i.e. dates & equivalent times to your time zone.
  2. Using the chats designated # tweet a simple hello to others or answer the questions to begin. DO NOT FORGET THE #
  3. When wanting to participate you must use the chats # so everyone else can see your responses to the conversations taking place.
You can of course follow along by clicking the # and viewing the questions tweeted out by the host and discussion others are having. There are often side conversations as well, which is one reason we always enjoy chats. Finding anyone of the chats mentioned above is simple: Go to your twitter search bar (desktop or mobile) and type it in. The info and often the creator will pop up as a result. You can view the Top tweets, the people tweeting and the most recent tweets! I've found putting them in my calendar or clock on my iPhone has been a big help for the ones I know I don't want to miss. ;) You can also follow the links to the chats I listed above to find out further information.

Yesterday is a prime example of fun side conversation...I joined a lovely little chat and ended up finding a woman who has an equally unhealthy obsession with Halloween that could rival my own! We chit chatted costumes, shared photos it wasn't my intent when joining the chat, but turned out to be just what I needed yesterday. You meet all sorts of interesting people along the way and in my opinion, that's what these chats are really about. Connection.

The other obvious thing is these chats allow you to see you're not alone and there are so many whom can relate to your struggles, in regards to the Mental Health chats. Social Media can be massively beneficial when utilized appropriately and don't forget in moderation. We do not partake in every single chat every week, but when we need them they're always there.

Happy Chatting!

Psst...Psssst...Don't forget to use the Hashtag! <3

Found these amazing Reference Cards thanks to @BloggersTribe and @bellamomentoX


  1. I love taking part in chats though I haven't took part in one ages. I've found so many amazing bloggers through chats and learnt so much about blogging. My blog definitely wouldn't be where it is today if it wasn't for chats!

    Lauren | Lauren the Daydreamer

    1. I'm glad to hear you've found chats so helpful! I have as well. Take care