Monday, May 15, 2017

Dissociative Tees

Good Morning Everyone!

We're here with some very exciting news... Recently, I've been tweeting about our Octopus painting, Mr. Euphegenia D. Octopi the III, respectfully. We've had over a dozen of you lovely people reach out wanting to purchase him. Something we are so incredibly grateful to all of you for, as well as, everyone who's been following the painting process via twitter and sending us encouragement and kindness. We do appreciate it.

As much as we would love for each and every one of you to hold him in your hands and hang him on your wall, it's sadly not possible. BUT a graphic designer friend of ours reached out to us with a unique suggestion. This was not a dilemma she was aware of and yet she came swooping into our DM's with the answer.

Over the last year or so, countless people have reached out wanting to purchase some of our various random art pieces... Well I'm happy to announce this morning our shop has launched! Yep, instead of hanging Euphegenia on your wall, you can now hang him in your closet! Both men and women's Tees for the time being with a selection of different --100% cotton-- styles.

Taking him with you every day? Sure. Our Dissociative Tees online shop has cell phone cases too! I want to once again thank everyone who has continued to reach out either on our blog, or twitter and invite you to visit our new, albeit small for now, shop.


Dissociative Tees is brand new & we'd love your help spreading the word about it! DT is a mental health brand we're hoping to grow as time goes on and we'd love to continue adding all sorts of fun designs for you to choose from, but we can't do that without your continued help and support!

This week you'll receive 20% off when you purchase 2+ items on our shop. Get something for you and a friend using the promo code! (20% off Code: 20P517)

Euphegenia as you may have already come to realize is our lovely giant purple Octopus. He seemed perfect for launching our shop. Living with Dissociative Identity Disorder I often have told people I feel like an octopus, but desperately could use more arms! It's been discussed with friends as well as our doctor. My parts & I are working on him together. Being an octopus it seemed only fitting that we work on this large painting together.

Thanks for reading and happy shopping everyone!

Find our Shop Here: Dissociative Tees

Oh and by the way... Keep up to date with everything we've got going on over the next few months I promise you won't want to miss it. The reading at the NYU Library for @StigmaFighters in only 15 days time, Toon's coloring book being published, several of our "Living with DID Talks" and so much more in store for you all.

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