Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The Humor of DID

Since we started speaking out more via our Twitter we've encountered many wonderful people...Of these people are countless DID Systems; we've now spoken to 100's of people who know the many ups and downs I myself experience, as they too live with Dissociative Identity Disorder.

We reached out to our friend, April (and her system) in hopes she would consider writing a bit about the humorous things she herself has encountered. She did not disappoint. DID can be truly frightening to live with and endure, but that does not mean there aren't beneficial, quirky and damn funny things that do indeed happen to us regularly.

We wanted to try and express some of these instances with April's help because there has been so much negativity circling lately it is becoming stifling!

We wanted to quickly thank her for sharing some of her life with us and you here on our blog. Enjoy!
April, rockin' one of our Dissociative Tees ;)

As a coping mechanism disassociation with firm alters can be funny at times.
I spend some of my time in a state of anxiety and fear thus alters get more active. I am tired and vulnerable so an alter may be trying to ease My burden by being present.
I do not have conscious connection with my [internal] words or action. For me the times of them out and active are a Blackout period. This can be seconds or minutes... hours to days. What I learn is from seeing changes in my environment or from what someone else tells me. Some things alters write to me or voice record etc.
This post is dedicated to some of the funny things I figure out or wake to..😄

When you come to and all of a sudden there are remnants of parts/extras/alters being active:

I turn and there is half a painting not mine or my toenails have been repainted...

Last week Jynx gave herself (us) a pedicure, but apparently a younger part didn't like it and wanted to 'help' Jynx make them more fun. So now My toenails are half gray and four of them are randomly white. This moment in life #BroughtToYouByDID.

This img is of Jynx. I came back to paper and
glue all over my face and neck...
One of their body image projects.

I had a shower or a bath I don't recall...

Dishes were done and I am dressed...

Minny is my 'cleaning genie.' She very much helps in that respect. It's quite a fun surprise to not need to finish up dishes, laundry, or etc...

I didn't have a pop now I do...

Furniture moved...

Bathroom cleaned ( yes!)...

Shelving up and decorated in my kitchen.

Funnies posted on Facebook middle of the night or early morn...

Online carts shopping or letting me know what they want.

We have a full cart most of the time on Amazon lol, My parts have even created their own Wish List via Amazon. I like to get them something when we have the extra funds to do so. They've surprised me my entire life, but now I've been able to do this on a couple occasions. :)

A Hairstyle Maddy had done on April.

Wild hairdos from highlights and braids to Wee making a red marker highlight. 

For those who know me a bit more and since high school, I've said I can sorta determine the time frame based on my hair style/color etc. An amusing thing... The faux hawk, dreads, and curly blond Mohawk thing that Jynx did only last year was definitely wild to come back to. Additionally, Purple hair was definitely a surprise earlier on in therapy.

Wee loves to dress up. She likes to take selfies face scrunched or big eyes or hats, very funny if you aren't me (she will share to friends 'her smile' ...ahhhh!!)

Wee taking Selfies <3

There are so many things. Day after day. In and out. I get frustrated. It can be a hassle when I can't find things as they moved...but sometimes I just have to laugh. Things could be worse. Challenging for sure. Confusing always. Maddening at times. Harmlessly funny too.

Thanks again to April for sharing some of this with us. During therapy, after I had met the doctor, I was truly an amusing thing when after a particularly difficult night/morning I 'came back' sitting inside of a giant ball toy. It was ridiculous and just one of the many things that occur any given day and week while living with Dissociative Identity Disorder. We all hope this made you smile and perhaps wonder... We are people living with a disorder that our brains utilized to survive early childhood trauma, but that doesn't mean our parts (alters) aren't fully functioning people with their own thoughts, desires and quirks that can create some seriously hysterical moments in our lives.

This Moment in Life Brought to You By...DID ;)

One of my parts messing around after Jynx
did her makeup.

The Lovely April.

April Selfie
Toon playing with one of the ferrets last summer.

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