Saturday, June 17, 2017

The Encouragement Corner: Save As

You've heard and perhaps have seen us discuss some of the hate and encouragement we receive in our DM's over the last year or so, but what you may have missed is our mention of a particularly lovely person we met via Twitter... @steffync.

What even she was unaware of was my parts have been saving and documenting the words of encouragement she has been sending to us. When I, myself, became aware of this selfless action she takes, simply because she wants to encourage myself and my parts, I felt it appropriate to share some of these wonderful words with all of you too!

This post I'd like to deem, "Encouragement Corner" because that is what some of my parts call the DM's we receive from @Steffync. Several of my parts now wait with anticipation to see what she'll send next. Additionally, she always seems to send the perfect phrases and imagery for when we really need them. Whether it be something silly or the perfect words of encouragement when we are struggling. Again, simply because she wanted to take the time to make sure others are ok. She is not someone we know in our every day life, outside of the Twitter realm, but a kind person making our world a bit brighter.

Below are some of the wonderful things she's sent simply because she wanted us to know someone was thinking of me/us and because saying a kind encouraging word is worth it to her. A truly lovely person, both inside and out. We want to pay homage to a wonderful person making our world a bit brighter each and every week; and hopefully she can make yours a bit better now as well.

Thank you so much for always popping up in our DM's you fabulous person you. <3

This entered our DM's after a weekend of sleep deprivation.
*Save As* DayWeCouldNotHoldCamera
*Save As* MorningAfterNightTerror.S.Encouragement

*Save As* QuirkyWeirdMagic.ThingsSteffSaysToEncourage
*Save As* WWSS.WhatWouldSteffSay

*Save As* BeYou.SteffEncouragement
*Save As* AniousMess.SteffEncouragingWords
*Save As* IAmNotWorthless... We received this After A Part was Struggling immensely with Self Harm.

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