Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Men's Mental Health

You may have taken notice that I find Mental Health an important topic to discuss. We have been building more relationships and contacts within this profound community. My parts and I often state, "we are stronger together," this continues to be proven true to us time and time again.

One of the wonderful people we met, via twitter, was Mike Douglas. He often can be found tweeting words and posts of encouragement in regards to mental health and the needs of those struggling. He also, has discussed men's mental health and I very much agree with him on many of his view points on this topic. We asked him to share some of his thoughts on the subject of Men's Mental Health with us and are thankful he took the time to do so...

First off, big thank you to Erika for letting me talk on her blog about men's mental health. Thanks!

Men's mental health is an interesting topic and a challenging one. For me personally I don't like the gender divides we put on things, such as men's mental health. Why can't we talk about mental health without having to feel like we are excluding some. However I understand the need to do this, sometimes there needs to be a focus.
Just as I can support the discussion of ovarian cancer, women can support the discussion on men's mental health, and just like ovarian cancer while I will not be directly affected I can and will likely know someone affected by this at some point. So lets share the knowledge and support.

Men's mental health is something that is often shamed, not over looked, shamed. Men that show emotions are seen as weak and feminine. Emotions are 'women things' not something that should affect men. Anyone heard this before?
Unfortunately its all to common.

As men we are told to 'man up' and get on with it.
Is it surprising then that suicide is the biggest killer of men 18 - 45? Problems with mental health can happen to anyone and we should be encouraging people to talk about it and seek help. Not shaming them into feeling alone and without hope. Suicide is 100% preventable.

Small things can help, text a friend, have a walk, get outside, one to one situations often make it easier to talk about our problems so try those out.

If you are struggling please check out the Same or Mind, lots of resources and support available.

Here's wishing you a happy and positive day.

Kind Regards



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