Wednesday, August 16, 2017

How are Mobile Apps Changing the Game on Mental Illness?

There's no denying it, technology is here to stay and it is only going to continue invading our lives more and more, but is that necessarily a negative when we have people utilizing these advances to better our daily lives? I think not.

We've used so many various apps over the years that I, myself, cannot tell you all their names. There's no shortage of technology to improve oneself, however for those dealing with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder this is the one I really would recommend...

nOCD is a new app available thanks to it's creator, Stephen Smith. It's available for download here , but don't go just yet see all the bad ass things this little pocket helper can do! We've been given the opportunity to partner with and use nOCD over the last several weeks. In doing so I've come to find some exciting things and benefits to this particular app.

Let me first give you the breakdown on nOCD. There are some wonderful customizations available with this one so check it out and see if it can be tailored to your needs, but for me--the eternal skeptic-- I was indeed pleasantly surprised by the ability to utilize the many user friendly features included.

1. Set up- the very thought will induce my counting compulsions, yet I muscled through with
relative ease. They did, in my opinion, think of their potential users.
2. Getting Started- You'll be asked to follow prompts in order to give nOCD an idea of your individual needs and some basic information.
3. Use it-- For me, I also live with Dissociative Identity Disorder, *cough* you may have noticed *cough*, never the less, I found this app to be beneficial.

I'm going to show you a few of the features of the app via images sent to me from nOCD, but also screen shots from my actual use. An animated video will be provided at the end of this post, courtesy of nOCD, BONUS! 

You can track your progress here with some serious detail. Something I found to be massively beneficial as I live with a dissociative disorder. I can go under every section of my progress screen and find out my patterns--if they're there--and yes, for those wondering a few of my parts also utilized the app. Bob was one who has some anxiety to a debilitating degree, she used the SOS feature several times...

Your Progress Screen
Your Plan Screen

 The SOS screen and Bob's favorite feature on this app we found to be one of the greatest additions. Here you will be asked what the trouble is-- Obsession or Compulsion. Remember earlier when we had you get started customizing, this is where those come into play! Following either your O or C here will take you to the next step and onto more of your specified prompts. Again, something we found amazing about this app.

I won't use Bob as an example but myself. So one of my obsessive thoughts is that I am crazy. When selecting O this will take me to my corresponding triggers and assist me through a timed process. This app even times these things for me when I utilize it! In turn it shows me my previous CPM's (Compulsion Prevention Messages). Which as you may know during those highly triggering moments they're difficult to even consider what they once were, but with nOCD, bam! There they are for you to remember.

Before I leave you to download nOCD, allow me to show you yet another added bonus to this app. They've given you the option to tailor make your reminders. You can set the specific times and what days of the week you want to be notified to practice what you're learning, exposures, or simple check ins.

This was a nifty feature that I set several reminders for myself as well as a few parts to utilize. Oh and just so you know we can decipher the differences between what we've each needed as they are different for several of us.

Living with OCD can be a monster to tackle alone so this brings me to my only question for you...Why do it alone? There's a community out there and help available. People like Stephen Smith and the nOCD team are creating some amazing things for each of us to better ourselves and improve of quality of life. Why not use all of the tools available?


We sincerely hope all of you out there struggling with OCD find the app as beneficial as we did. Don't forget to comment once you've tried it! What worked for you? What could be improved upon? Happy apping!

nOCD app video

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