My Parts

We decided that a blog about Dissociative Identity Disorder really needed a section dedicated to my parts. While this may seem a bit odd to you, it is not, but I wanted to add; yes, you can absolutely address them directly via comment or email if you prefer. So here they are...

First a few Notes:
  • My parts don't much care for the term "alter." To some it sounds derogatory and so I say,   "part(s)" when referring to them. They are a part of me and not an "alternate."
  • This page on the blog will be added to & edited multiple times I can assume that with a high degree of certainty.
  • I imagine as time goes on some will be more comfortable with this idea for now we will be discussing only those who are comfortable being involved.
  • Please see the blog post regarding Dissociative Disorders. This may help you better understand some of the terminology written below as well as giving you a better grasp on who they are and/or why.
Anger: She was the very first part I met after my diagnosis. Being aware of said diagnosis and researching what this means was a big piece of the puzzle for me at the beginning. Anger is who you would classify as a protector.  She can be forceful, direct and immensely strong. This is true of who she is but also the physical. Many times now I have been told by people who know I have DID -- in my day to day life-- that when Anger speaks my body appears literally larger and stronger in stature. The atmosphere in the room changes. Odd, probably, but nonetheless accurate. She takes no issues with speaking to people, though, she doesn't do so typically unless it is necessary. She is very much aware of how off-putting she can seem to most, especially if it's your first interaction with her.  No, she isn't violent. She is strong and loud at times and beyond direct when the situation calls for it. She is also quite vulgar, so there's that too. I do not know her age, but in regards to how she is seen that would be a giant tiger. One of her favorite quotes would be, "Speak softly and carry a big stick." -Theodore Roosevelt. No the irony of that is not lost on her, it's why she likes it.

A sketch of Anger comforting a 'Little.' AKA a very young part in distress.

Jynx:  She is a tricky one at times. She's 19yrs old and would also be considered a protector though she has experienced some of her own trauma. (See: Beyond The Curtain) Yes that can and does happen to protectors as well. They are not always singular but very much full functioning people. Jynx is my social butterfly. She seems to enjoy interacting with people --if she wants to-- other times she will appear very easy going and focused, though there can be many reasons for this. She finds people fascinating and sociology captivates her attention like you wouldn't believe. However, what people know of her in large part is not solely who she is. She's very quick witted and captivating. She is a part who has gotten me nearly every job I've ever had, which is many but we'll be posting about that particular skill later. She's worked as a model and in various sectors of the entertainment industry. No. Again, no! She has never worked as a stripper, I've actually been asked that many times so wanted to again state it here. She's a skilled in many ways, but does some wildly creative things with hair and make up, respectively.
 One of her favorite quote is: "I don't care what you think about me, I don't think about you at all." -Coco Chanel
 My guess is Jynx herself will likely discuss various posts and content she'd like to have written so more on her later...
(IMG. Courtesy of: The We in Me: these images are both Jynx, Bob captured them for her.)

Bob/E: Bob has allowed me to use her name here which is pretty amazing. She is the one who had spent much of my life attempting to find us a doctor. She eventually succeeded in that goal as you may already know. In addition to that she is an amazingly gifted writer. She spent most of 2016 reaching out to others (on Twitter mostly) within the profound and massive mental health community on social media. She is also a protector and is 15yrs old. Bob is the sole reason we have been working on scheduling more of our "Living with DID" talks. As she experienced and saw first hand the damage that can and was done on our journey to wellness. She has seen an unbelievable number of doctors in an attempts at getting us help, that should not have had to happen, but it did and so we are working more and more on talking about it. That we leave up to Bob and just help her when she needs it. Now, one thing about Bob is she has some severe anxiety and due to this has a very noticeable and debilitating, at times, stutter.
This brings me to, E. E is in a way, Bob's little helper. She is able to speak for Bob when Bob becomes too overwhelmed or embarrassed by her stutter. I am unaware of her age but I know she's fairly young and a bit immature at times. She is younger than Bob and far younger than me. She seems to see and experience the world in an abstract manner. E would be a prime example of someone who experiences, derealization, in a way. Oh and sorry but no. There will not be any photos of Bob. She's actually one of my parts who's worked as a photographer, predominantly with special needs children and their families. She is able to see what's wrong, what they need and can adjust  accordingly. Something she misses being able to work, in a major way.
Bob's favorite quote is, "Normal is Illusion. What is Normal for the Spider is Chaos for the Fly." -Morticia Addams
A painting on 10X20in canvas Bob has been working. At times they take these 'work in progress' photos for me to see.
Minny: Oh Minny...She's much older than the rest of us.. I would call her a caregiver of sorts, the ideal mother. She is in her mid-forties, "A lady never reveals her age." I know it, but respect that if she doesn't want it listed here, we won't. So she's our mother for all intents and purposes. A kind-hearted care giver of hope, joy and love. She does speak with a bit of an odd accent. What it is specifically I am unsure. I've been told it sounds like a less harsh British accent with a touch of Aussie and has the tone of a Disney character at times. No clue. Ha ha, she's an interesting part. She has high moral values and is religious. Prayers, reading The Bible, the whole nine. The majority of my parts are not religious in any capacity. I myself find the study of religions fascinating, but I do not hold the belief of a higher power. Minny is a protector and she's one of them who has been around the longest. Since my very early childhood. When Specifically I do not yet know...
Her favorite quote is: "There are many little ways to enlarge your child's world. Love of books is the best of all." Mrs. Jackie O. & one of the most Elegant First Ladies of the U.S.

Toon: She is a 10 & 1/2yr old. PLEASE, do not forget the 1/2 as that is very important. She is an all around child. Massively energetic and fun, an endearing and funny kid. She is protected in a major way by nearly all of my parts. They keep her protected and from all consequence and knowledge of many things. That being said, she is not dumb or uneducated but a young naΓ―ve kid. Toon has a wild obsession with animals. The way she can interact with them is that of a modern day Dr. Doolittle. Remember the film, with Rex Harrison? She is the epitome of that character and it is very bizarre at times. She has helped Bob when photographing animals if/when they are being particularly difficult. She's also a gifted little artist. She loves cartoons and illustrations, but has quite the hand when it comes to watercolors. Oh and yes she too has a favorite quote: "Curiouser & Curioser..." & "If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense." -Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

A work in progress of Toon's w/help of another. My husband adores these Sphynx cats so she wanted to draw it for him.

She is very much a fan of the whimsical and fantastical.

My all time favorite paintings she's done. Ink & Watercolor. (Not a great IMG. My Apologies)

Stevy: Well, Stevy. She's also 15yrs old and a protector. She's a bit different from the others because she tends to protect other people. She protects and helps younger parts of me, but can be fiercely protective of people she sees as weaker than herself. Which tends to be most people she's encountered. Similar to many of my parts she struggles with her own mental health problems. She presents as bipolar. We believe this is due to trauma not an actual chemical imbalance but we're still working on this and attempting to figure things out and help her. She does not think she needs help, typically, and can be argumentative and very stubborn at times. She's also, extremely possessive of people when they're important to her. They are hers and that's that.
She has a few favorite quotes:
"We're All Mad Here." -Alice in Wondeland
"Have I gone mad? I'm afraid so, you're entirely Bonkers...but I'll tell you a Secret. All of the Best People Are." -Alice to the Hatter

A quick sketch Stevy allowed us to share. Her work tends to be darker than others.
Stevy is pictured here, behind the wall.

The Little One: TLO, as some of my parts call her, is an exceptional little kid. She's quite small and is 6yrs old. She's pure logic and does not understand people and their overly emotional responses to all situations. It tends to confuse her, but she finds it fascinating in some respects. She also, may find it complete nonsense and a waste of valuable time. She is also, a protector. She does so in a very different way than the others. "It's only logical that given the circumstances of life we would all need to be different. What do you find confusing?" -TLO
She is an avid researcher and reader. I imagine there are many quotes she could give you, but two of her favorites are: "I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work." Nikola Tesla
"Nothing in Life is to be feared, it is only to be understood." -Marie Curie


  1. So glad to meet everyone. We are reading. It takes us time but we are enjoying this very much. 😎

  2. They call me Lily. I am Mama Bear ti this crew. We are 5 in all. Wee says hi. She is 5. Too smart for her own good. Maddy. Rogan. We help big April aka 'Pami'.
    Fascinating your group. We are workung at this. We like learning. Thanks for writing everyone!

  3. They call me Lily. I am Mama Bear ti this crew. We are 5 in all. Wee says hi. She is 5. Too smart for her own good. Maddy. Rogan. We help big April aka 'Pami'.
    Fascinating your group. We are workung at this. We like learning. Thanks for writing everyone!

    1. Hi! Glad to hear from you Lily. Heehee, yes I am familiar with Wee, she's pretty awesome. Lovely to hear from you & glad someone's reading! 😁

  4. So glad to meet everyone. We are reading. It takes us time but we are enjoying this very much. 😎